James Jean is an Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter with a unique and original musical sound that features acoustic guitar-driven rock with alt-country and pop melodies.

James Jean performs regularly as a solo artist and accompanied by good friends Jacob Hildebrand on guitars, veteran-artist and multi-instrumentalist Brian Douglas Phillips and Fred Mandujano on drums and percussion. Together the group released Gimme Space (2016), comprised of 10 new James Jean originals.

James entered onto the Austin music scene in 1995. As front man for the James Jean Band, the group toured and performed at music venues and festivals around the US, as well as in the band’s hometown of Austin. JJB independently-released Come Broken (2003), a full-length studio album, Boundless (2004), a full-length live album, and EP titled Better Things (2005).

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Recording at Rattletrap Audio with Fred Mandujano, Brian Douglas Phillips and Jacob Hildebrand (2016)

Music has always been a defining characteristic of James’ life. He learned to love music through both his mother and his father. James’ mother was a singer, and in addition to teaching him and his brother traditional English and early-American folk songs, she exposed them to legendary folk, jazz and big band singers from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and early 70s. His father, a Texas A&M Electrical Engineering professor and inventor was also a musician. His father was often found with his Fender guitar in hand, playing and singing songs from The Beatles, Paul Simon, John Denver, as well as surf rock and classic country. The broad variety of musical influence from his early life is demonstrated in his love for all kinds of music.