Gimme Space

James Jean

Record Details

alt-country, rock
Cover art for Gimme Space (2016) album by James Jean


  1. Stormy Tragedy -:-- / 3:46
  2. Hurts -:-- / 3:46
  3. Coalette -:-- / 5:42
  4. Figure It Out -:-- / 2:46
  5. Silver -:-- / 3:28
  6. Say -:-- / 3:32
  7. Diamonds -:-- / 3:28
  8. Shell -:-- / 4:14
  9. Everything Is You -:-- / 4:02
  10. Sunshine -:-- / 3:47

Gimme Space (2016) is a solo debut album by James Jean released on December 12, 2016. James Jean is an Austin, TX-based singer songwriter and recording artist with a unique writing style and original musical sound featuring acoustic-guitar driven rock with alt-country and pop melodies.

Gimme Space

I am a native-Texas GenXer who grew up listening to everything from Don Williams to Nitzer Ebb. I work in technology and I love the idea of space. But my idea of space looks more like a lonely cowboy in canyons than Ridley Scott’s idea of space.

I’ve long thought about the words I choose and what I answer when people ask me what my music sounds like. That is a very loaded question. The answer involves telling you about the music I listened to when I was growing up, and the stories that go along with what I was doing with my life the moment I first heard a Paul Simon, Morrissey or Wilco tune. Those moments were life-changing. So, when most people ask me the question, they are referring to instrumentation, which is where one might naturally expect the mind of a musician to be. But when that question comes, I am thinking about the vibe; and how does the vibe of my music get me as close to where I wanted to be when I tried to match those prior experiences. It’s abstract. It’s complicated. I know.

Musically, Gimme Space sounds like Merle Haggard finger-painting with Jimi Hendrix. Visually, it looks like Lee Majors. The vibe? It’s like John Denver bear-hugging Lemmy.


“Hurts” is the first single released from the Gimme Space (2016) by James Jean.


All songs written by James Jean
Engineered and recorded at Rattle Trap Audio in Austin, Texas
Produced by Brian Douglas Phillips and James Jean
Instrumentalists: Jacob Hildebrand on electric guitars, Brian Douglas Phillips on guitars, pedal steel guitar, and background vocals, and Fred Mandujano on drums and percussion

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice