Sade Song (I Ain’t Bulletproof Yet)

James Jean at El Mercado

El Mercado’s Gospel Brunch is one of those great weekly Sunday hangs in Austin, Texas. Each week from 11am to 1pm, Gospel Brunch features The Purgatory Players. Proceeds from the show serve the Austin Food Bank.

The Purgatory Players are Jeff Plankenhorn, Jon Dee Graham, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Jon Greene, & Seela Misra. Special Guests include: Conrad Choucroun, Malford Milligan, Warren Hood, Guy Forsyth, Alex Ruiz, Michael O’Connor, Rich Brotherton, David Hamburger, Little Brave, David Grissom, Darwin Smith, Jaimee Harris, Paul Mills, Matt Giles, Marvin Dykhuis, and more.

On December 16, my good friend Kate Howard and I met at El Mercado to hear the band, and perhaps find an opportunity to plug our upcoming show. Well, we did. A long time ago I learned a valuable lesson as a songwriter: always have a tune in your pocket that is ready to go in case you get invited to play. Lucky for me that I learned that lesson well. Sometimes it afford one the opportunity to play with some local heroes. Here’s my latest called “Sade Song (I Ain’t Bullet Proof Yet)”.