Just by Radiohead

From a previous Swan Dive show here we are covering one of my favorite Radiohead songs. Jacob Hildebrand absolutely kills the lead guitar on this tune.Is there anything this guy cannot do with a guitar? Fred Mandujano on drums and Justin Schneider on bass make for a rock steady foundation. I had such a great time playing this show with these friends.

Just, Radiohead and Talking Heads

“Just” is track #7 from the 1995 album The Bends, Radiohead’s second studio album. It cannot be overstated how inspirational this band has been to me and so many other songwriters and recording artists. I am continuously intrigued at how inspiration works; and how so many things can become connected.

I recently learned the band Radiohead takes its name from the title of a Talking Heads tune similarly titled, “Radio Head”, from their 1986 album True Stories. Hmm.

In your head

Interestingly enough, at my upcoming show at Swan Dive, the band and I are covering another one of my favorite songs from the Talking Heads.

Qu’est-ce que c’est?

On Saturday, February 16, the band and I will be playing a 1AM slot at Swan Dive. I am sharing the bill with Lilly, Caitlin Zinda and Lauren Diamond.